The "Welcome Basket" features little 'pineapples' sewn on each end.  Created from pine cone and shaved sticks, the pineapples symbolize hospitality.  This basket was entered in the D.A.R. sponsored "Hospitality through the Ages" craft competition and won first in Texas, first in its six-state region, and second nationally. 
More Baskets
"Going Green" (below left) A slice of a banksia pod makes the base of this basket made with dried green needles.  A row of small beads in sewn between two coils and pairs of larger beads adorn the rim.  Beads are recycled from a necklace!    "WIT Winner" (below right)features rows of exposed cluster ends around the basket top.  Base is cut from oak plywood.
"Joy!" features fluorite beads and a unique wire wrapped agate base. A meandering coil wraps around this interesting basket.
"Trio" (left) uses a coaster for a base, with walnut slices, wooden and faceted glass beads.