Basket Case Creations are made from coiled pine needles, sewn by hand with artificial sinew or waxed thread.  Sometimes adorned with gemstones, beads or feathers, each basket is unique.
Jeanie Weber, award-winning basket crafter, uses needles from longleaf pines, as pictured on the right.   She often starts with a small base of wood, leather or suede, walnut slice, button, wire-wrapped agate slice or other object.  Jeanie usually begins each basket with a shape in mind, but insists that the pine needles have a say in the final basket design.  She never uses 'patterns' or 'plans.' 
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"Blue Skies" (right) has an agate slice base and twisted glass beads which "glow" when placed by a light.  "Nature's Splendor" (lower left) was created on and around an antler picked up on on the mountain behind Webers' home in Colorado. It features tiger eye, agate and carnelian beads.  "Stonewood" (lower right) starts with a slice of petrified wood, wrapped in copper.   Needles in lower coils were cooked in a clycerine solution which turned them to the mahogany color.  Faceted quartz and natural wooden beads are used.