About the Basket Case
The long pine needles definitely unleased a creative part of me I didn't even know was there!  This craft of coiling pine needles into baskets is probably centuries old.  We do know that people--usually women--from very different cultures scattered around the world have coiled baskets for important functions in their daily lives as well as creating beautiful objects for enjoyment.  I've been told that pine needle baskets will last for 300 years!  I wish I could see if that were true; or maybe not.
Participating in this ancient craft is a delightful privilege and enjoyed with great respect for all those who have coiled pine needles in times past.  I also honor the growing number of people discovering the joy of working with these lovely long needles.  We "coil," rather than weave.  Most of the baskets around your home are probably woven.  Unlike the weavers in our basket making world, we pine needle coilers accept the pricks and pokes of the sharp pine needles.  We also accept the slow and careful task of coiling--cluster by cluster, needle by needle.  I find it invigorating and simply wonderful! 
It's a pleasure to craft my baskets.  That joy is surpassed only by seeing the delight in others who appreciate the finished piece.   Enjoy the other pages of this site!
I gather the long needles, then sort, dry, and clean them before using.