Judy Mallow wrote the book, Pine Needle Basketry,  From Forest Floor to Finished Project.  You can order it on the above website, along with all the supplies you'll need to create your own pine needle baskets.  I also have and enjoy Judy's other book, Pine Needle and Nut Crafting.  Judy has excellent prices and she gives great service!

Related Links & Words of Thanks....
Here are links to websites I've found helpful and interesting, along with some of my thoughts.
Julie Borel was my roommate and best friend in college and maid of honor in our wedding.  She's an attorney by degree (among other things) but she's an artist at heart.  Her website gives not only insights into this delightful human being, but links to other sites for creative souls.
Thanks to my teachers

I learned this craft from Joyce Ellis, with help from Nancy and Ken Ashton at Victoria Palms Resort.  I later met their teacher, Bob Hanley, who also gave me some great advice and tips as well as encouragement and inspiration.  I will be forever grateful to them all!
Here's to my students
I have had the honor of teaching several classes for beginners in pine needle basket making.  In every case, I have learned from the students.  It's been a delight to see others discover the joy of working with pine needles and seeing their own baskets come to life.
One more syrupy thing...from the heart

Creating baskets continues to be a special journey for me.  That journey has been blessed with the support, encouragement and occasional kick in the pants from many friends and family members, but particularly from a very few dear caring souls.  So here's a public thank-you from the proverbial bottom of my ticker to you all, but especially to Marilyn, Ann, Connie & Richard, Sherri, and most of all to my hubby, John, a.k.a. Webby.